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Old projector's which are good for video?

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I have been searching the thread's because I've been looking at some of the sub $300 projector's on ebay.

I've found the Barco Data 600, but since that's the only one I have found it's the only one I could look up info. on.

My question is what other CRT Proj. in that price range would be good for video even though they were designated as "work/data" projector's?



Also, beside's ebay what are some good place's for me to look locally? I live in the L.A. area so I would think there should be a number of auction's, shops, etc.
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Well the Sony 10XX units are what you are looking fo rif you ask me.

Also for 300.00 you couldl find a sony 1031Q that can do much more then just video but take to the entry of HDTV. Not full 1080I or 720P but enought to blow you away especially if you just looking to do video only.

In fact this was my though when I got my first 1031Q, just send it a composit signal and Ill be ahppy till I read a post at what this will do with a line doubler. I borowed a doubler and bought it two day later :)

E bay is a good source for 1031's its just sometimes a gamble on the condition. Most of these will have clean tubes but some of these with clean tubes will have funged tubes which can be cleand if you have the time and know how. The SONY 1040, 41, 30 are all video only some 30's can scan high enough to take a doubler depending on serial numbering. The absolute best bet would be a 1031Q.

I am in the process hopfully of getting an NEC for payment of an instalaltion and I hate to say this, but if this deal goes through I may sell my 1031Q, which is mint and keep the NEC if it supprises me as I am told it will if I can ever get it set up. So, keep me in mind because I have one hell of a 1031Q that at THIS moment is NOT going any where until this deal closes, if ever.
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Thanks for the info, sounds like the Sony would be the best bet. I'll keep you in mind, but please email me at [email protected] if/when you decide to sell your projector.

I'll still keep an eye out and maybe I'll get lucky, if I can find an auction online/local I'll look for the Sony.
VR Audio Systems yes the nec will blow you away and you will enjoy it greatly

which nec are you getting buy the way

threeclaws well try these places ? i think they are around were you are



good luck on your pj ;)
Oh, Its an NEC 6PG (6000pg) It looks great I already tried to set it up without an inpus signal and it was impossible :)

The blue has a slight 4:3 ware but Im going to be using it for 16:9 so it should be fine. Ill keep you posted if this happens.
VR Audio Systems if you run it the 16:9 you should be OK and it is a bi$ch to set up,but after you have worked with it a couple of times you will become a pro :D
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