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First of all let me mention I have never had a DLP TV before so all the lingo is new to me. I am however an easy learner, so please don't hesitate when giving information.

I purchased this model off a local classifieds ad that mentioned "has some red pixel issue, occasionally". I didn't think much of it as for the price it was definitely worth it, even with the display issue.

Now that I have the TV, it's not even that much of an issue, however I want to know if it's something that can be fixed.

Testing the HDMI port, I played both on my Xbox 360 and a DVD from the Xbox 360.

When playing a DVD (from the Xbox), the top and bottom black horizontal bars occasionally had intense black dots popping up.

See the following threads attachment for what I mean:

AVSFORUM (not allowed to post links yet)/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1237235

It looked like that, except quite a bit more was covered, and it was Red.

Reading that thread it leads me to believe it was because there is no data in the DVD for those portions (letterbox). It didn't seem to go over the video itself. Zooming into the picture seemed to fix it.

Going back to the Xbox 360 dashboard (which is 720p), I noticed that there were light blue dots on the white portions of the screen. Moving around the dash seemed to change their location, etc.

However still bearable, fantastic picture.

Plugging in my laptop to the VGA port didn't seem to have the issue at all, however I didn't extensively test this.

Reading further in the thread I linked above, its possible that it is the analog or digital video board that is the culprit. If that is the case, where is a trusted place I would find replacement parts like that, or how to fix it?

If it's not the case, what else can I do to debug the situation?


A newbie DLP owner,



Bringing up the menu causes INTENSE red dots on black when seen through the menu.

edit2: Brightness and contrast affect how many red dots there are, watching Avatar at 60 Contrast and 60 Brightness, you can see the red dots disappearing and reappearing when you raise or lower the 2 options, respectively.


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Almost a year later, I would like to mention (apologies for the double post), that the issue has been resolved.

I opened up the machine and there was an internal DVI cable going from the Digital Board to the DLP, wiggling it caused the issue, I replaced the internal DVI cable with one of mine and it's been working ever since!
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