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Hi Folks,

Just wanted to see if anyone out there had ever owned the Toshiba TW56D90. I've had it for 11 years now and used lately for SD dvd, Directv and video games in the kitchen/family room and extremely happy with the performance. Still great progressive picture and no lag on games.

This was one of the very first widescreen tv's made before the introduction of HDTV.

Sadly, the tv does not turn on anymore and I don't think I'm going to expend any energy to revive it.

Oddly enough, my home theater TV was just replaced last month with the Samsung HL67A750 which i'm finding to be an incredible TV. So wondering if I should get another one of those...or another lesser quality "Budget" big screen because the thought of having to buy 2 tv's in 1 year for us is pretty daunting.
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