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I bought a new onkyo receiver NR636 for my 7 speaker system. And for the time being, before I decide on a new subwoofer, I wanted to use very old NHT passive subwoofer SW2P along with MA-1A amplifier. I think it would make sense to allow the receiver to control amp/subwoofer . Since it has no LFE connection I need some help connecting amp to the receiver. Is it worth trying this subwoofer at all?

1. From what I gather I can connect left and right line out from the amp to one(out of 2) of the subwoofer out on the receiver through a 'Y' RCA cable. Am I right or should I just use only left or right jack on the amp ?

2. Should I set the crossover dial on the amp to bypass or to the max it supports like at 150hz ?

3. Should I set the volume on the amp to max or in the middle?

Thanks for all you help.

If it helps manual for the amp is listed at http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=...=frK4FFsiHzYeUHNIPn_sKw&bvm=bv.88198703,d.eXY

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Page 7 of the manual recommends using a Y-splitter to both line-level inputs.

Pg. 8 recommends by-passing the amp's "Crossover control".

Start with the volume at 12:00 and adjust according to the results of your AVR's auto EQ program (using Audyssey as an example: lower it if the subwoofer level in the AVR is set too low; raise it if the subwoofer level in the AVR is set too high).


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