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Old war classics

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I noticed a thread on Kelly's Heros (one of my all time favorite war movies).

Any other old classics that have been reproduced on DVD that are worth viewing (eg. good quality) eg The Guns of Navarone, Zulu and The Great Escape??
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Bridge over the river Kwai

The Great Escape

Guns of Navarone

Are great in widescreen
"A Bridge too Far" is a great old war movie too... check out the cast on imdb.com

- Rick
Battle of the Buldge (not on DVD) is a fine film primarily because there are actually developed German characters in the film.

The cream of the crop has to be Patton, its just a stunning film and all the greater because it is not only a war picture but an interesting character study. To its credit it portrays Patton as a complex character but does not take sides, both the good and the bad are presented. Scott's performance is one of the standouts in Hollywood history and the desert battle near the begining is one of the best staged sequences you'll ever see in a war film.
"Rommel, you magnificant son of a *****... I READ YOUR BOOK!" :)

I agree, Patton is one of the greatest war movies of all time.

But the transfer, while quite good, is not as good as Kelly's Heroes. Boy, did that DVD impress me. :)
633 squadron and Battle of Britain come will be released on 5/20.

You might also check out "the Sand Pebbles", not really a war movie, but it takes place on an old gun boat, has some action, and is a classic in my book.
well, it probably doesn't count as a war movie but I've always loved Paths of Glory.

12 O'Clock High (but apparently not on DVD)

Das Boot (not really that old)

Bridge on the River Kwai
How about THE LIFE AND DEATH OF COLONEL BLIMP and watch for SINK THE BISMARCK to debut on DVD soon.
Originally posted by Rachael Bellomy
Good call!! Great film. All my thunder for this thread has been totally stolen... All I can add is a bunch of, "yeah, I like that one too" comments for all the good picks so far. Although I suppose I could add "Braveheart"... if that's not a "old war" than what is!! :D
Sands of IWO JIMA?
Anyplace special where i can find these type of DVDs cheaper than a normal retail store?
Sahara the old Bogart Columbia film

All Quiet on the Western Front the Lewis Milestone/Lew Ayres version

They Were Expendable John Ford's excellent story of the P.T. boats, with Robert Montgomery and John Wayne

The Longest Day

Cross of Iron but the transfer is supposed to be not so good

If you like documentaries and are feeling flush, The World at War set

I could really call the roll on great old war films, but many of them I don't believe are on DVD
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I have The world at war. Man is it a long set or what. I have had it for 3 months now, and I am still only up to the second disk.

The set has 5 discs, all double sided.
How about Tora, Tora, Tora and The Flying Leathernecks.

Also some of my other favorites are The Longest Day and To Hell and Back.

I have The world at war. Man is it a long set or what.

I'd be tempted to buy it if it wasn't so expensive. I remember hurrying home on Saturdays from dinner to watch it at 7 back in the early seventies. I can't conceive of a better WWII series. The concentration camps/final solution episode will stay with you for the rest of your life. And what a mesmerizing main title!
This is a pretty broad category. African Queen (1951) with Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn is a great film. At http://us.imdb.com/Title?0043265 it appears there are DVDs for Europe but not for the US yet. You can catch it either on American Movie Classics (AMC) or Turner Classic Movies (TCM) until it gets out on DVD. And of course, Casablanca (1942) and Gone With the Wind (1939) are great classic films with a war background.

"The Enemy Below", a Dick Powell directed destroyer/submarine movie featuring Kurt Jergens and Robert Michum (out soon)

"Mr. Roberts", Henry Fonda

Twelve O'Clock High,

Run Silent, Run Deep
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