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I just won an ebay auction for 3 electric 090
Now I need t pick them up, do the old ones (purchased in 02) have easy detachable backs? He says the the Model number is 090A52 N7, can anyone decipher that for me?

I believe they are 090

they are power reclineing

All leather????

He also states they just come apart, what does that mean? any hooks or anything?

this is the auction


Thanks very much


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Great find. Wish I would've seen those... I'd love to upgrade my Berk 090's to electric recline.

090 is the model number

A52 is the armrest configuration (left end, right end, or center). Looks like A52 is the seat with the right-side arm:

I suspect the other 2 will have a different arm code.

I'm guessing N7 is the material and/or color.

The 090 splits into 2 sections. The back slides off, held on by 2 tabs... like sliding a 6" blade into a sheath.

If something falls through and you decide against picking them up, let me know and I'll buy them.


090_HT.pdf 202.2255859375k . file


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