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OLDER 3d sets VS Pannie GT ST VT ?

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I am buying a new set and from what I read for 3D HD Plasma is superior, the new Pannies are supposed to be real good but are any of the earlier models comparable from Pannie or another brand to the VT GT ST Pannies? BB has so many that they are selling cheaper but are of a year old from many manufactures. Thankyou!

On 3D is a bigger screen better?
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Bigger is always better. And the displays do get better from year to year (the 2011 Pannys got rid of the floating blacks and seem to have gotten rid of the rising blacks as well, both of which were an issue with the 20009 and 2010 Pannys, although only time will tell on the latter). Unless you are on a tight budget, IMO you're better off with the latest models (I recommend the VT30 if you want the best PQ or the ST30 if you want the best value, and stay away from the S30).
I bought a 50 ST 30 for 1099 witn no glasses,the new one is a ST 31 correct.
ST30 is current. ST31 probably a store-specific (i.e. Costco/Sam's Club) model.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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