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Few months back i bought an AVR500 used off e-bay, had a bad pre sub output and center channel. Guy refunded all my money but let me keep the receiver. (i was kinda shocked)

With the refund i found another guy selling the same model, when i got it the right rear channel was not working.

Well i managed to salvage a some what working unit from the 2 swapping around the boards in it. I thought i had everything working till tonight i poped in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and decided to try DTS and found the left front has some static.

My question is: what does the DTS processing in these older H/K receivers? Im wondering if i knew what chip was used maybe i could locate it and swap in another board from the other one and get it back working. Im really not sure what im doing i just got lucky that the boards i switched around worked or it was a bad connection maybe from shipping and removing and reseating the boards helped fix it?

The thing sounds great right now but it would be nice if the DTS worked on it as well. Ide probobly keep the thing around a while longer.

Since the second one had a problem the guy refunded me $50. and since i got 1 working of the 2 i gave the first guy the $50. since i used some of the parts from his receiver.
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