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Older separates vs modern receiver

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I've been researching an upgrade from my old Sony receiver for a while, and recently I found and bought a second hand Rotel RMB-1075 for a good price. Now I'm looking into an H/K Signature 2.0 pre/pro, which seems quite attractive although somewhat lacking in processing and connectivity.

But I'm also considering getting a new receiver instead (and not keep the Rotel). How do you think the H/K+Rotel combo would fare in comparison with a modern mid-end receiver, like for example the Yamaha RX-V1400, Onkyo 701 or Denon 2803? I'm primarily concerned about sound quality, although PLII and decent connectivity wouldn't hurt (6/7.1 isn't important). Also, the Yamaha would be about half the price of the used separates...

[Edit] Another question: How does the Signature 2.0 compare against the Rotel RSP-976?
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I guess I will be 'the voice in the desert'. I think many older separates and receivers (like the Pioneer receivers of the 70's - say SX-737) are better than some of the current receivers out there. The older Pioneers were built with all top of the line parts and built to last - I still havemy SX-737 which I had in high school and it still outshines many newer components.

If I wanted more connectivity in a pre-amp, I would look at older Kenwood models. The Basic C-1 and C-2 model were some of the nicest pre-amps built and can be had pretty inexpensively off of eBay. I would also look at an older Rotel or Adcom pre-amps as they may mate with your amp better.

I really believe the pre-amp affects the tonality of music more than the power amp does.

PM if you want to talk more about this.

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