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I hope people don't mind rating my system. As I think about it, buying a new primary PC, and relegating my current one to HTPC status, may be a better move...

AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ on a ASUS A8N-E Socket 939

2gb Corsair XMS DDR400

Enermax 485W ATX Power Supply (EG495P-VE) Dual-Fan

BFG Geforce7800gtOC 256mb (DVI out, not HDMI, but am splitting to a receiver and a projector so I don't think I need HDMI anyway)

I also have a CHAINTECH AV-710, which I understand to have audio pass-through over the optical port, but not sure if it would pass the newer codecs through, or if the computer can convert to PCM and send that instead.

Intentions are to watch streaming sites, downloaded sources, and add an ATSC tuner to view TV, probably doing some DVR work too.


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It should be plenty powerful enough.

A new video card, 4550, 5450 or 5570, might give you some graphic improvements, but I would not go that way until you were sure that you need it.

See here for 5450 and 5570 info:

I still have four socket 939 systems - 3800x2, 4400x2, 4600x2 and 4800x2. They still compare well in speed to the newest dual cores, but they are not as power efficient.

Look at this recent review:
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