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Older Vutec Silverstar for 3D

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I have a Vutec Silverstar circa 2006 that I have been using with a Sharp XZV-2000. The lamp has finally died and rather than replacing it I am looking to get an Epson 5030UB.

Looking at the Vutec site they now manufacture separate screens for active and passive. They recommend using the passive screen for LCD's. While I will primarily be using this projector in 2D mode would anyone be able to comment on how this screen would work for 3D.


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Steve what did you wind up purchasing? I also have an older Vutec Silverstar and am wondering which new 3d projector will work best with it.


I don't get on this site much these days, so hope the reply is still useful.

I purchased the Epson 5030 and it works just fine with the Vutec in both 2D and 3D.

No problems at all and the wife is very happy which counts the most..


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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