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A friend and i picked this thing up for free and thought we'd take a look at it. When we first powered it on, we got a blue screen on the input 1. We didnt have an input signal at the time.

We switched to the coax input (Ant 1) and we saw and heard static. The set displayed ANT 1. So, we apparently had video, at least temporarily.

After a minute or 5, the screen went black and that was it for video. Sill had sound. After removing the back panel, we could see a faint glow coming from the base of each of the CRTs. We eventually hooked up basic cable and could change channels hearing the sound from each channel. just no video.

Any thoughts? I read elsewhere this could be caused by a faultly flyback transformer. I was able to get a free service manual for a VS-6051, but i have not purchased the 6041 manual yet as im still trying to find a free one.

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