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Olevia 227 vs 427 vs 527

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I need a TV for my new apartment and Newegg has good deals on the Olevia 227, 427, and 527 but I don't see the difference. Which model is best? Also Newegg has a good deal on the Olevia LT-32HVE, is this model better than the others? I know it is larger but how is the picture quality compared to the other three. I am mainly concerned about the picture quality using Comcast Digital cables. At the moment I don't have any HD-DVD players or game consoles to consider. If the quality is about the same on all three models then I will just go with the cheaper, which is the 527. Thanks for the help.


Also are there any other brands and models in the $400-550 range that you would recommened over what I have already mentioned?
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On Olevia's website you can compare models like this:


They all appear to be the same, except the 227 and 527 are black, whereas the 427 is silver.

The other model you listed is an older model, so it is lacking some modern features, DVI input instead of HDMI, etc.

If you don't need a tuner you might save some money buy getting the Olevia 327v, similar in other respects to the ones you listed, but without a built-in tuner.
Here's what I THINK I figured out:

332: Pixelworks, but no audio out and no tuner

232 and 432: identitical

532: warranty is ON SITE

(colors and speaker placement notwithstanding)

Someone let me know if I am wrong.
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You've just had your lucky day as I happen to own BOTH the 227V and LT32HVE and use Comcast Digital Cable to boot. (And for all intents and purposes we'll consider the 227, 427, and 527 to be of like quality). Here's what I think are the pro's and con's of each.


PROS: Better SD picture quality IMO. Great HD (thru component on Comcast HD DVR). Has TWO component inputs. Much better speakers/sound than the 227. More picture tuning features than the 227V. Offers PIP, albeit only through different sources.

CONS: No HDMI (only DVI, which works just as well the proper cable or adapter). No built-in ATSC or QAM tuner. Doesn't look as nice cosmetically compared to 227V IMO. Heavier, but not too bad (50 lbs).


PROS: Built-in ATSC and QAM tuners. HDMI. Great looking HD (thru QAM, no STB). Pretty slick looking unit (althought mine is the 227V-S11 which has a different base than the pics show). Lightweight, 27 lbs.

CONS: Not quite as good SD (sometimes suffers from slight blurring, but not too bad). Only ONE true component input, in fact only ONE input for all types. Speakers/sound a little weak. No PIP

In summation, both have their strengths and weaknesses. While the newer units you speak of have a few more bells and whistles (HDMI, ATSC, QAM) they also have less inputs (2 true components inputs is a big deal for me) and not as good SD PQ as the LT32HVE. HD is about the same on both.

I give the 227V a 4 stars out of 5 rating and the LT32HVE a 4.5 out of 5. That's my 2 cents. If I could somehow combine the extra features (HDMI, Built-in tuners) of the newer models with the little better quality LT32HVE, now that would be one great TV.
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