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I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, it seemed to fit because I believe the problem is in the TV.

I have an Olevia 232T, Sony STR-DG720, and Xbox 360 Elite. Currently, my connection is Xbox 360 -HDMI- TV. What I want is Xbox 360 -HDMI- Sony -HDMI- TV. However, this results in odd flickering, I get the image for a few seconds, then it goes black, "No Signal" flashes for about 30-90 seconds, I get the image again, and this repeats.

I'm computer savvy, but not HT savvy. I tried other HDMI cables I had, no dice. However, I tried it on my PC monitor and it worked. I've tried every setting I can find, from reference levels to resolution, and nothing makes this work on my TV.

I plan on getting a PS3 soon and this may pose an issue for me. I do plan on getting a better TV, but at the time this is what I have and I want things to work. Do I need a firmware update that is obviously going to be impossible to find?

Can someone at least explain why my TV won't allow me to have this setup?

Thank you very much for your time.
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