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Olevia 332H connection to an HTPC. Audio problem.

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I have a HTPC connected to an Olevia 332H via a DVI-HDMI cable. I am having trouble with the audio connection. I do not get sound when I connect using the green audio out on the PC to the green audio input on the TV. No sound using the TV pseakers and no sound when using an extrnal speaker system.

When I connect the green audio out to the RCA audio on the back of the TV, I get sound but it is very low. I have to max out the speakers to hear the sound. I have checked the computer settings and have the sound levels high.

The other inputs work fine. I have an xbox 360 on the component and it sounds great on my external speakers. My DVD player on the composite also works well soundwise. Only the PC input sound is messed up.

I know that I doing something wrong but I cant figure it out. Any help. Please ask questions if you need more info.
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I'm not sure about your sound problem. I'm hoping if you can tell me if your model 332H has a sticker on the back that says "332-B!!". I am trying to do a trade up with store I bought 332h to 532h and they think I'm not giving them same set back because has "332-B11" number rather than "332H". Olevia says 332-B11 is SAME set. I'm trying to convince my store.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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