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I've been looking around for a good ~27" in the $600-700 range and this seems to be the best I can find. I am a little concerned about mixed opinions regarding its image quality SDTV/480i/p.

What I mainly intend to use this for is output as a secondary display from my PC for watching media and maybe some games, in which case I can do 1280x768 and sidestep any of the above mentioned quality issues.

I do, however, plan to get a Wii for this which is only 480p, so I am a bit concerned about that. This will be my first HDTV making me less informed, I was hoping some true gurus on this board could give me the real deal as a lot of stuff I found online seems to be hearsay.

Another thing, is the audio on this thing as bad as I've read elsewhere? I mean either the built-in speakers or the transceiver itself.

EDIT: It just occurred to me that I may as well get a LCD monitor instead of a TV since I get a much higher resolution and all, but anything above 24" is twice as much as I want to spend.
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