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Olevia 747i vs. Sharp Aquos LC-46D92U

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I'm deciding between two LCD panels for my HTPC / home theater set-up. One is a pretty "standard" high end LCD and the other, by Olevia, was actually recommended by Sound and Vision. They are both 1080p LCD. Here they are:

Olevia 747i


Sharp LC-46D92U

The main strength of the Olevia seems to be the Realta video processor. I will have a lot of standard definition cable and this unit seems to handle that very well. It is also allows USB update of firmware. On the downside, it has HDMI only. It has an 8 ms response time and runs at 60 Hz.

The Sharp Aquos includes a DVI input making hooking it up to my HTPC easy. It also runs at 120 Hz and has a response time of 4 ms. The Sharp advertises 3000:1 contrast while the Oleva advertises 1600:1. Sharp doesn't really brag about the video processor much, so I don't know if it will do as well with standard def cable.

So . . .

How important is the 120 Hz nature of the Sharp? Will the contrast on the Sharp really be a lot better? It is about $750 more to go Sharp.
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