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I searched around and am rather surprised there are not many reviews or much info available on the Olive One after they started shipping, especially if you look for it compared directly to the Squeezebox Touch. There is a lot of speculation and discussion from before it was released, but not too much after it started shipping. I did see the one thread here that Mark Rubin and others participated in, but it ended pretty abruptly after a few people got their units. I searched through the official Olive thread but didn't find much in there either.

I currently own an unmodified squeezebox touch but have two olive ones on the way. If it does what the manufacturer says it does in regards to HQ audio then I will sell my SBT.

Does anyone have any real world comparisons on the SBT vs olive one's sound quality? I currently use the digital out on my SBT into my receiver.

Would I be better served using the olive's DAC instead? I see that they have a 3.5mm to rca cable connection for that. Is this optimal?

Thank you for your time.
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