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Quick question....

I have had my PT-AX200U projector since March 08 and have had no problems. Awesome projector. I have not replaced the bulb yet. Last time I checked I was nearing 2000 hours. Went to turn on the projector last night, heard a click or something and notice I had no power on the projector? I even tried a different outlet to see if I had a breaker trip or something and alsp pulled the bulb to see if it broke (no).

Any obvious signs when the bulb goes? It does not look black or anything. In the manual page 42 it say's at 2000 hours the projector will be turned off. I never seen any message on the screen stating to replace the bulb? Does this mean you have no power to the projector till the bulb is replaced? Anybody ever experience this or have a clue?

Please help, FOOTBALL season is here!!!! Just my luck
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