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on screen display important?

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On a receiver, should this be a deal breaker for me? I use a front projector and my components are behind me turned to the side, where I cant see them. How often is an OSD truly useful? I guess I could manage without one for setup time but if you guys think I'll need one to function day to day then please tell me.
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It's a gimmick if you ask me. I used it once for set up, then the only controls I need during use don't require it.

Source select, mode select, volume. Just buttons on the remote.

Given the hassle I had to go though to get the OSD displayed (I don't use the AVR for video switching) I would much rather have been able to access all settings on the units main panel.

- Rick
I bought a 5" LCD monitor and ran a RCA line to connect it. I leave it next to the couch therefore when I need an adjustment I don't have to look that far. I think those LCD in the pre's are neat but can you really see a 5" screen from 10+ feet away. The LCD cost me around $150. I think that is the way to go. So don't let that be a deal breaker........
I miss OSD for one thing....trying to determine which surround mode I am currently in (THX Musicmode, THX Cinema, DD-EX, etc.).

The Pio49TXi won't show you that onscreen thru component.

Have to get up & walk to the equip room.
Some units like the Bryston stuff doesn't even have video inputs and outputs. I haven't been hampered by this and I kind of like the LCD panel. I used to own an Acurus Act-3 and the manual says they don't use OSD as this will put more junk in the video signal so they want to leave it as clean as possible.
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