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This is probably unanswerable, as I can't find anything through google, but I'm looking for an OSD for any keypress or action windows vista. I currently use a weird setup for remote control to my htpc which includes basically using commands from my PS2 DVD Remote=>IR Attachment on ps2 to usb dongle, which is interpreted by xpadder into keypresses. I know, sort of a mess, but until I get a different IR receiver, it's a makeshift solution. And, I might need this OSD solution with a real remote too, I'm not sure (I'll be using a MS MCE Remote that came with my 360 HD-DVD drive).

So, I would like to be able to have my screen say something like "Open TMT" when I open TMT with the remote, etc.

This is probably not something other people want or need, so I guess that's why software for it is so hard to find (mostly volume OSD's).

An example seems to be ghosd but it's linux. Anyone have any ideas?
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