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once and for all,rg6?

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I have been reading what I can about making my own component cables. The more I read the more I get confused.

I will be making the component cables to connect my progressive scan dvd player to a Hitachi 51swx20b RPTV.

Will Home Depot rg6 cable be plenty good for runs of 9 feet maximum?

Also,what exactly is it that I need to make rca connections on the ends?

I have read posts talking about "F" connectors,but I haven't read about any part numbers to insure I buy quality parts.

Please don't get me wrong,I'm not looking to put together the cheapest set up I can,but rather the most cost effecient.I don't have the money to buy anywhere near the best,and I would prefer to build what I can,if I am able to learn just exactly what I need to buy.

It seems that there are so many different brands and opinions as to make a quality component connection. I don't want to skimp on interconnects at all,but I don't know what it is I need to buy/order so I can do it myself.

Also,there are so many general terms used in these threads and I am trying to figure things out,,but as I am so new to this it isn't making sense.

I hope to hear some basic part numbers so I can order them. Thanks
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Will Home Depot rg6 cable be plenty good for runs of 9 feet maximum?
I used Home Depot RG-6 quad shield for my 35 foot runs from the theater room to the living room. It works fine so far.

Also,what exactly is it that I need to make rca connections on the ends?
Crimp on F-connectors for the RG-6. I used adapters in the wall plates that have threads on one side for the F-connectors and RCA on the other side for regular audio/video cables.

The F-connectors also came from Home Depot. I got the coax to RCA adapters from Parts Express. My wall plates were blank when I got them from Home Depot but I drilled the appropriate sized holes.

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thank you,I didn't know home depot had more than 1 type of rg6 cable. Is there a big difference?
RG-6 is overkill for wiring a house. Their double shield works fine, is a little thinner and easier to bend.

F connectors are those screw-on connectors that are on the cable TV or antenna feed cables.

For component cables I recommend RG6 that has an all copper center wire. The RG6 sold by most big box stores has a steel center wire that is copper plated. That cable is standard for delivery of cable and satellite. The all copper is a little more expensive and Beldon or Canare brands are quite popular. I use Canare RG6 with Canare RCA plugs. Many people just terminate with the standard F connector and use an F to RCA adapter. That's probably the easiest way but IMO is not as elegant.

Check down on the message base for a number of threads on DIY cables.
thanks for your help. this is one great site.

I think one of the things that is best about the members here is that simple questions like mine are still answered,even though I'm sure it has been gone over countless times in other threads.

Thanks for taking your time to answer me,and saving me alot of time not having to continue searching threads.

I don't mean to jump on someone else's thread but I'm trying to do the same thing but I have a distance of 40-50 feet for component cables. I was trying not to use an adapter to go from F to RCA but have been unable to find the right connector for RG-6. I have found connectors for RG-59 that are even color coded. Would RG-59 be a bad choice to use or am I better with the RG-6 and the adapters.

Just for clarity, RG-6 can be either quad shield or dual shield. Quad shield is probably overkill unless you have a serious problem.
1. You can get RCA connectors for RG6 from Parts Express. Look for part number 091-1060.

2. There are Canare plugs in that size.

3. Calrad makes compression connectors in that size also. Do a Google search for "rca rg6 crimp gold".
Augat, sold under the Snap N Seal line makes connectors for RG-6 coax to RCA outputs. You will need the proper Snap N Seal tool to install them though. Check with a professional installer in your area. this series of connectors are also made in standard "F" series and are getting to be the choice of many installers.
I managed to pick up enough RG6 Tri-Shield from a mate...is this OK for Component Cables? (8m run).

Markie Boy
As long as it has a solid copper center, it should be fine.

One more question...

I'm a cable installer, with a large supply of very decent quality RG6. (tri-shield, solid copper)

Looking to run all of my cables with it. I also have enough snap-and-seal connectors to throw F-fittings on all of them. I will have to purchase F-to RCA or snap-and-seal RCA. The F-to-RCA seem cheaper, not to mention will be easier (and less expensive) to replace should I need to move my HT equipment around.

Do the F-to-RCA give the same performance as normal snap-and-seal RCA? Also, how would RG6 (in general) compare to something like monster cable (or pacific cable, whatever.. you understand :) )

edit -

Anyone know of any places to buy either, and for cheap? I've found a few, but can't seem to really break about $1.50ea for the connects, and $0.50 for the adapters.
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Lots of people use F to RCA adapters. Do they perform the same? IMO, whenever you add an additional connection, there is degradation. That is why a lot of OTHER people won't even use wall plates and insist on running direct.

I'd be in the second group.
I have some extra of the snap-n-seal RCA's (I think around 15 or 20) and F to RCA converters (around 30) that I will sell you for less. Drop me an email if you are interested.

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