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One $1,200 sub or two $600 subs????

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I'm still in the planning and basic construction phases of a multipurpose room. In general which is a wiser way to spend $1,200....1 $1,200 sub or 2 $600 subs? I'm leaning toward SVS subs so basically it comes down to 2 PB12-ISD's or 1 PB12-Plus/2. Of course the PB12-Plus/2 has two 12" drivers so that probably makes it more difficult.

Additional info: Room is approximately 18' by 46' with 8 foot ceilings. A little less than half of this will be used for the HT and the other half would be filled by pool table, game table, & bar.
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I'd go with the PB12 Plus 2. Two better drivers, goes deeper, goes louder, tunability, more watts - basically everything is better.
I agree with Steve, however, Ron Stimpson, co-owner of SVS will work with you to determine which of their subs would best meet your needs. Shoot him an email and he will work with you.

email him at [email protected]

IMO, buy the best single SUB you can afford. The two $600 SUBS will MAYBE get you louder, but will not get you as low. Besides, typically what happens to us A/V folks is we get the burning need to upgrade and already having one nice SUB would keep you ahead in that game. With your big room, you may end up with a couple of PB12-Plus/2 units anyway!
Buy the $1200 one. You can always turn it down. Easier than trying to turn it up. At some point in trying to turn it up, you will hit a brick wall.
46' is a REALLY long room. If you only want bass at one end, then one sub is the way to go. But if you want full coverage, two carefully placed.
Take your 1,200.00 , tuck it away for a month.When you have 2,000.00 get the SVS Ultra/2.This thing will do it all without a doubt.
In most rooms, I'd agree to get one better sub than 2 smaller ones. This IS a BIG room though. I think with one sub in this price range, you'll have a very difficult time getting things evened out.

Just save a bunch more money and get 2 Ultra/2's ;)

You might seriously consider saving a few more bucks and getting 2 of something a bit beefier for that space.
Thanks for all the feedback. Yeah it definitely is a BIG ROOM. What's even better is there are no posts in it. My roof is designed so that all the weight is on the outside walls so I have no load bearing walls on the interior of the house. Which means no posts in the basement.

However to be honest the big room is a blessing and a curse. I'm not willing to subdivide it into smaller rooms because I like the openness but I can't justify turning the whole thing into an HT. Consequently (as I mentioned above) less than half the room (approximately 17' x 20') will be used for the HT space. That makes the set-up more difficult. Compounding that is the fact that I want to be able to listen to 2 channel music with decent bass at the opposite side of the room (card table location).

I've attached a jpg of my basement layout if anyone is interested.

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You mean have an HT system at one end and a music system at the other? Or you want to be able to hear the HT system (in music mode) from the other end?
Originally posted by DMF
You mean have an HT system at one end and a music system at the other? Or you want to be able to hear the HT system (in music mode) from the other end?
Using the L&R of the HT and the sub for music would be my preference. However keep in mind that I'm not talking about critical listening. This would primarily be for background music while playing cards or pool. If if makes any difference the HT mains (and center) will be Triad InWall Silver/6 LCR's.

I have considered putting a set of Triad InWall Silver/4 Omni's on the pool table end of the room for 2 channel music but I was hoping the HT mains would be enough. Plus the sub would still be on the opposite end of the room (down by the HT set-up).

Hopefully all that makes sense. It does in my head.....but then so does lot's of other things.
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