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Ok, I bought some 45003s from Roman during his previous PowerBuy. A couple of problems I'm still efforting to get resolved, but overall a pretty god experience.

Here's the question: I have four seats with just one arm: two with left arms and two with right arms. I have them in a row, so the seats on the ends effectively have two arms surrounding the seat.

For the two seats in between, there is obviously no arm in between them. Maybe I'm just imagining things, but whenever I sit in the seat with just a left arm, I feel like the seat is slightly tilted to the right. I'm not sliding off it or anything, but there is something off. Same thing with the seat with the right arm - I feel a slight decline towards the left.

Is it just me? Is this a common experience? Obviously the seats on both ends of the row really only have one arm attached to the seat, but I don't get the same sense of imbalance.

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