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One-For-All code for SONY STR-DB930 receiver?

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I have a 8-device one-for-all remote control and SONY STR-DB930 audio receiver. Here is the problem:

1) Supposely, the Channel Up/Down should select DB930's input(TV, DVD, CD, etc), but it doesn't work.

2) I can select most of the DB930 input source using 0-9 numeric keys, but I can't get it to select DVD input.

Anybody else has the same setup? Am I using the wrong code or I need to get the JP1 cable to upgrade some codes? I have to use the original bulky DB930 remote to select DVD input now.

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What is the exact model of OFA remote, and what setup code are you using?
I have a One-For-All URC-8810 and I'm using 1058 for SONY DB930.

I can't select DVD input if I use code 1058(other inputs work fine), I can use 9 to select DVD if I use code 0158, but most other inputs can't be selected, so 1058 is still the best for me.
Change to code 0158 temporary, and do this:

1. press RCVR/AMP

2. press and hold SET for two blinks

3. enter 9-9-4

4. tap SET for one blink

5. enter 1-2-4

6. pick a key, like the #9

Now reprogram the RCVR/AMP device with code 1058.
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Wow, it works! Really appreicate it!!!

I just bought a JP1 cable and was hoping to use JP1 to make some modification, now problem solved. Probably I can add some DSP sound field stuff to the remote.
Got my JP1 cable today from hovisdirect.com for $14 shipped, wow, it's amazing. I'm able to upgrade the code for my Daewoo DVD player(which is not in original one-for-all database), and made some modification to Zenith DVB-318 DVD player button mapping.

When I were using the remote itself to program, it refused to program more macro/keymovers after a while, I thought maybe it's out of memory. Using IR515 + KeyMapper, wow, still lots of memory available and it's MUCH EASIER to operate on a PC than pressing those code sequences on the remote!

I programmed a few macros for HTPC/DVD/TV(select correct video input and audio input), kind of like Harmony.

I really like this solution, cost is only $18(URC-8810) plus $14(JP1 cable), then use your CD Marker Pen to write something on the remote. One minor complaint is the color of one-for-all URC-8810, only grey and black, if they can make it colorful, that will be much better.
That's the beauty of JP1!
I looked at the MX-700 remote, it has a LCD display(which can add lots of customized functions for each component, but I don't particularily like LCD remotes) and Windows programming interface, supports lots of macros.

But at $349(for a remote), it's a little too much for me :) I don't really need to completely replace all my remotes, just in most cases, it's OK for me to use the original remote to use some special/rarely-used functions.
With JP1 you can totally replace all of your original remotes. I think if you were to do a quick survey of JP1 users (over in the JP1 forums) you'll find that most of us have put all our original remotes in a box in the basement.
Hi Robman, do you know how to change the remote macro speed? I have a One-For-All URC-8810 and I programmed a few macros to select A/V inputs. But when I press the macro button it executes quite slowly, I have to hold the remote(towards a certain direction since it's InfraRed) for a little while. I can't find any option in IR.exe(IR515).

You think it's possible to change that?
to change the execution speed of macros, you need to install an extender. Check the JP1 forum at http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/ for more info.

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