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One (or two) speaker(s) in seperate room with power supply?

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I'm moving to an appartment and this will prolly be my setup (regarding audio):


-) Filserver

-) KEF 3005 SE

-) Pioneer VSX-919

I have outside a terrace (or how do you call it in English) and there is only power supply there. I was wondering if there is a good way to be able to listen to music there by connecting a speaker through the power supply with my AV Receiver ?
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I believe what you are asking is "can I use the second zone on my Pio 919 to output music to another location" and the answer is yes. The 919 allows you to not only wire a stereo pair of speakers as Zone B, but you can actually select a different source to play on Zone B as well. Someoone could be listening to a movie on Zone A while someone on the terrace was listening to a CD or the radio tuner. You would just need to get the speaker wiring from the receiver to the terrace and to outside speakers mounted there.
Are you asking if there is a device that lets you transmit audio over existing electrical wire?
Thank you for the responses.

Originally Posted by Easyaspie /forum/post/16822738

Are you asking if there is a device that lets you transmit audio over existing electrical wire?

Well, I have no idea actually

Maybe there is some kind of Sonos device which let you stream music from a receiver to some speakers only connected on power supply?
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I know that there were some devices that allowed you to transmit low level network and audio/video signals over existing electrical wiring. But I know of no devices that would allow you to transmit speaker level signals in that manner.

There are some transmitter/receiver combos that let you do it wirelessly. You would need powered speakers, like computer speakers, for this to work though.
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