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One other Replay annoyance...program searching

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It would be really nice if "Find all Episodes" was really a "search for shows with the same title". Which is essentially the same thing.

Here's a completely annoying scenario...

I set up a "movie" to tape off of HBO, or something (where the program is repeated several times a week/month). I pick it off the guide and program it as not guaranteed. I want to see it, but don't care if I miss it this time, b/c I know it will be on again later.

Later, I find something that is of higher value to me, and I program it as guaranteed (thereby eclipsing the first program).

Later, I realize the first show didn't record, so I pop open the item from the Replay Guide and figure I'll just hit "Find all Episodes" and it will search for the same show appearing later with the same title. And it of course fails to find anything, even though the show might be repeating every couple of hours.



Who really cares?
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