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Hi I have a pair of old cheap JWS GENEXXA Unique 5000 speakers.

Each speaker has 4 diffrent speakers in the towers.


Click the link for specs and picture.

Problem is that one off the speakers top speaker, the tweeter part?

The one that gives the highest frequency sounds is dead now and doesn't give any sound now.

It was working yesterday but after I started to re-arange my room and moved stuff around, speakers included and set everything up in their new locations I noticed that one speaker was loads louder than the other and thought the one was barely heard whit some high tones, after inspection I noticed that the "tweeter" or the smallest on the right side speaker was dead silent and not doing anything when I was playing music etc. I listen to much high-tone music so you notice directly if the high tones aren't there.

What has happened? I've tried to open the speaker but you can't really get inside but whit much force and cracking the housing. luckily one could screw away the speakers themselves. Screwed away the tweeter but I can't see a problem whit it, cables are connected on the speaker side but can't see inside if they have loosened inside or anything.

Might need to screw away all speakers to see inside if everything is good in there. Could something else have happened? In the mean while I'm gonna be doing some more inspections on that speaker.
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