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Hello all and thanks for reading my first post. I have extracted oodles of info from this site in the past and now have found need to post.

I have done some searching and lengthy reading already surround my issue of "popping speaker" but I cannot find any match to my exact issue. Here it is:


AMP: Yamaha RX-V663

Main Speakers: Jensen Q series (Q55 I think but unimportant for now)

Centre Speaker: Wharfedale Xarus

Surround Speakers: Wharfedale Atlantic Series (200SE's)

I have only 5 speakers, no sub.

Display: 50" Panasonic 1080p Plasma

Device(s): PS3 only

Connection between devices: HDMI

Speaker cable: all 14 gauge

The issue:

When turning on, or switching between Tuner and PS3, one speaker only, the left surround Wharfedale, makes a popping noise. Just 1 single pop at a time (there is sometimes a series of pops as the AMP adjusts to the PS3 source) and then it is fine. All playback is excellent and free of popping/hissing after the first pop(s).

That it is only one speaker confuses the heck out of me and frustrates the absolute heck out of me. The popping speaker in question is only 6 weeks old.

What could be causing this? Any guidance/suggestions/recommendations/constructive criticism on setup greatly received.


BunsenBurna (nice little earner)

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Originally Posted by Colm /forum/post/18137974

The speaker is not likely the cause...


So as I know it is not something else electrical on the circuit or in the house turning on and off, then that leaves the AMP. Why/How can the AMP do this to only one speaker? Is there a solution?

VERY frustrating...
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