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Hi, all

I just get back to the AV hobby recently, and ready to get some gears with my limited budget ( but not fixed, depends on wife factor ). The setup will be a 5.1 HT for 60% HT, 40% music. I don't have any up to date equipment, so I'm going to get them all.

Right now, there is a very good deal to get an European Vincent SV-238 Class A stereo receiver ($1000 vs Retail $4000). Class A output up to 60W -> 8ohm (my main speaker is 4ohm).

Here is the link :


Some more detail in english:


I want to get this for 2 channel music as well as drive the L&R in HT, and get a pre/pro like rotel 1066 or something in that price range for the HT.

Of cause need a few more low end Amps for the surround and center. This way I will have a very decent setup for the main, which might give me the best sound for music/HT.

My question is:

1. Is this the best way to spend my money or should I go for a decent Pre/pro + a multichannel Amp???

2.There is also a saparate version of the receiver for $600 more, Should I get this one?????


3. if it is the best way to spend my money, what's the best way connet them? Do I need some kind of bypassing in the pre/pro???

Here is something I found on another thread:

Can someone tell me if this is gonna work with my stereo receiver? and expand a little bit in my case.

Originally posted by bioforce
Maybe I'm missing something here, but why do you need 2 channel bypass?

Forget about having it all in one unless you want to compromise and or spend some serious coin.

Have two seperate (but connected) systems.

Just get a simple quality preamp with at least 3 analog inputs.

1) hook up your phono to input one

2) hook up your analog CD to input two

3) hook up your receiver's or HT pre/pro's L&R output to input three

4) hook up you power amp to the outputs of the preamp

Now you have no extra "pass through" circuitry and a "pure" analog system that when you select input 3 becomes your L&R HT channels.

For that matter if you also hook up your CDPs digital output to the receiver or Pre/Pro you can use a Sub with the Bass management and volume control of the Pre/pro, and depending on its bass managment abilties, it can be quite satisfying and adjustable.

Hope that is all clear.



Here is a picture from the back of the recever if it helps.

Thanks everyone!!

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Hi dpp,

Note this piece of equipment by Vincent you show is an integrated amp, not a receiver. Despite this, if it is a good match for your main speakers, buy it (and use it exactly as you intend). To me, utilizing a high quality 2-channel system (amp/speakers) as the foundation of a HT system is the wisest way to spend cash.

Buy a HT reciver/amp to power your other speakers - no need to spend more than $1,000 (or less) for this, seeing as how it will be relieved of "main speaker duty".

Remember, high-quality reproduction of the subtleties/nuances of stereo music is a difficult task. Therefore, this should receive the bulk of your budget.

However, reproducing Home Theater sounds that are coming from Surround Sound speakers (dialog/effects) are not nearly so demanding. As long as the speakers/amps are compatable and can play loud enough without distortion/clipping, you will be very happy.

bioforce explained it correctly. In your system, your DVD player will be wired to your HT amp/processor. Using the "main preouts" on that amp, you will run this signal into an input on your stereo integrated. Therefore, when watching a movie, your stereo integrated amp will be powering your main speakers.

Your HT receiver/amp will still provide a powered signal to your Center Speaker and any Surround Speakers you have (via speaker cable). It will also send an unpowered signal to a Subwoofer (via a subwoofer cable).

However, (in my opinion) you will not want this HT amp/processor anywhere near your 2-channel signal. Simply connect your stereo sources (turntable, CD, Tuner, et al) directly into your stereo amp.

Good luck,


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Thanks Kevin for the input.

so, The intergrated amp should be a good choice for music and power the front of my HT. I might consider a HK 525 or 8000 to handle the HT for now, then upgrade to a decent saparate setup when I have enough $$$. I have read that HK has the best amp section among the receivers in it's range, as well as the prologic 7.

The type of sound presentation I like is bright and forward. I guess this has more to do with the speakers. I will see if I can find some receiver can enhance the brightenss since the speakers are already set.



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Look also at this final amp 200w 25kg 1000 euro with taxes (20% in Italy)

I think that a fine solution is to use an integrated HT amplifier receiver as Marantz 5300 for cinema use and an integrated as here indicated for Music,cd and phono.You have to connect the pre output of the receiver to the aux imput of the stereo amplifier or pre-amplifier.So you can connect the same speaker for the front use in multichannel at the stereo amplifier.

So you can use the integrated stereo for front channel in multichannel operation.You know that Integrated HT amplifier are not good for music and the front channel are not enough for cinema use,for strong power limitation in multichannel use3:so you get the best for both cinema and music.
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