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Sorry for the cross posting but I thought a general post me be warranted to tap into the vast expertise here.

I purchased the 1008 sometime back and have been unable to get it to display to 2 displays. I have one display in the living room connected via hdmi. I have display in the bedroom connected via component (which can be changed to hdmi if need be). I got the hdmi cable because I started thinking all the components are connected to the receiver via hdmi and the bedroom TV via component so there might be a down convert issue. I have the hdmi cable ready to run but have waited because I tested the set up and it still did not work with hdmi to another TV. I can not get the TV in the bedroom to display except from the cable box which is connected via hdmi to the receiver. I get no audio at all in the bedroom. I have read the manual front to back several times and have set up everything as I believe it should be but it just doesn't work. I am sure I am missing a setting somewhere.

In short what I want to do is have cable, BD etc able to display in each room at the same time watching different things and needless to say I need audio in the bedroom.

I appreciate any help...


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