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I currently purchased a pair of HTD level two bookshelf speakers with stands. They sound rich and clear, very clean but lack the mid bass I crave. I am using the level two's with a level three Sub (that I cannot find a review on), so I'm not referring to low bass. Although I've toyed with the crossover to see if I could get the punch I seek.

The speakers they replaced were 10 year old NHT 2.5's towers, which had an 8" side firing sub and a 6.5 mid that was powered by a 100 watt Onkyo (7xx series 5.1 only).

I purchased the Onkyo 503 thinking that the difference in loss wattage (75 watt vs 100 watt) on the would be negligible. I hope I'm correct.

Bah! I'm rambling here.

My query is, would I benefit if I went with the Level Three towers using the 75 watt Onkyo? Buying a bigger amp isn't in my plans, although??

What I'm ultimately missing is the mid bass punch that the multi woofer NHT tower gave me? I've read such great reviews about the (mid) bass and sound quality of the level three's.

I mostly do HT (80%) and HD gaming (15%) then loud music (5%). It's in the music that I crave and justify the 300+ dollars to go with the level three's.

Now about the anemic...

nahh that wouldn't be fair as I hadn't really played with the subwoofers low end trying to get the kick drum mid punch I miss.

ps: Do you think HTD would accept the level two's back WITHOUT the original packaging? They arrived 1 day before xmas and the boxes got trashed with all the trash from the kids presents.

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Reciever will be fine.

L3's should give you what you want w/ the thrid driver........but they have the ribbon tweeter which not everyone likes = as with all speakers, tough call.

Only way to know if they'll accept the return is to contact them.
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