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Have had my new setup fo about a month now and very happy with it

Onkyo 604 and Jamo A306 5.1 surround set

When i bought the set i was told i didn't need a more powerful receiver for these speakers but of course i like to crank it up every now and then and at around 78 to 80% of the volume i run into distortion. i have gone up to 85 but it doesn't sound very good anymore. But after reading some threads about underpowered amps i'm starting to wonder. I don't think my 5.1 set is that powerful but really have no idea if i would connect a more powerful receiver if i would able to max it out

these are the specs for the front speakers and sub


Type A 306

System Two-way bass reflex

Woofer (mm/inch) 102 / 4

Midrange (mm/inch) 102 / 4

Tweeter (mm/inch) 19 / ¾ Dome

Sensitivity (dB - 2,8V / 1m) 88

Impedance (Ohms) 4

Weight (kg/lbs) 3.5 / 7.7

Dimensions (HxWxD) 706 x 144 x 74 / 27.8 x 5.7 x 2.9

Power (Long Term) 80W / 120W

Terminal Type Gold plated clips

Finish Silver

Type A 30SUB

System Electronic Subwoof w/ passive radiator

Woofer (in / mm) 8 / 203

Passive radiator 8 / 203

Amplifier rated output (W peak) 1 8 0

Limiter Y e s

Frequency range (Hz) 40 -200

Cut off frequency (Hz) 60-200

Phase Adj. 0-180 deg.

Dimensions (HxWxD mm / in) 325 x 600 x 154

12.8 x 23.6 x 6.1

Weight (Kg / lb) 11 / 24.5

And perhaps someone could also tell be about long term and short term power

Appreciate any opinions


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I have similarly spec'd speakers, my amp provides 100 wpc, and I have no problems when playing loud passages in soundtracks, etc. without distortion. Do you have a large listening space or do you listen at farther than normal distances? I am not familiar with the Jamo design but your Onkyo should do a respectable job even with the 4 ohm rating of your speakers. The woofers on the Jamo at 4" are on the smaller side of most speakers and maybe they aren't meant to be played at high volume, I don't know. The specs say your speakers are rated at 80 watts continuous power and 120 watts peak so the Onkyo should fit in nicely with that. If you're not satisfied do like many others do and demo/borrow another pair of speakers or piece of gear or external amp to see what's lacking. I traded my MTM (5" 1" 5") center channel speaker for another one with 7" woofers and a 4" mid range and it made a huge difference in dynamics and impact.
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