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onkyo 605: xbox 360 pro logic, not dolby d

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Noob here. any help much appreciated.

Use to have an old xbox 360 connected to my onkyo 605 via component video and I noticed when playing gears and halo 3 that I'd get dolby d sound displayed on my reciever.

My xbox recently died and I picked up one with hdmi. Today I noticed that gears was not being projected in dolby d, but instead pro logic II: game. Any thoughts on how to get it to display dolby d again? Thanks.
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Make sure you set your XBox to output Dolby Digital, not PCM.

Or...your input is set to that mode. Your remote should have some buttons to select something like straight mode.
I have my xbox set up for dolby digital with wma pro (after having it on regular dolby d 5.1), I don't see a button like that on my reicever's remote, pretty much hit every button on the remote to fix it.
i have the same problem with my yamaha 1700 receiver hooked up to hdmi, mine is a crapshoot sometimes it's 5 channel other times its pro logic 2 i thought it was my receiver?
My 805 does the same thing. Sometimes its Dolby digital, sometimes it neutral 5.1 simulated crap

Stupid 360

Hooked up via HDMI btw
When I switched it from dvd to Gam on the receiver, it momentarily popped up as dolby d on the display, but reverted to pro logic: game once gears of war was in and I couldn't get it back. Is there a button on the 605's remote I should be hitting to change it to dolby d, b/c I've hit pretty much anything. When I get home, I'll try putting in an hd-dvd to see if i get the same problem.
Hey guys,

the more I'm looking, the more it looks like the only way to get dolby digital from your reciever via an xbox hdmi is to supplement it with an optical audio cable. Send the hdmi from the xbox to the tv, turn down the tv sound and send the optical to your reciever.

Don't spend 50 bucks on the xbox hdmi/optical dongle, it's a rip-off simply b/c M$ purposely made the component adapter too big to fit with an hdmi, but if you follow the instructions here:


you'll have optical and hdmi, without spending extra money. Hope that helps.
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