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I got my onkyo 607 for Xmas. Its hooked up to my Samsung HDTV via HDMI. Until this weekend, no problem showing any of my inputs (DISH, PS3) or my OSD menu. I tried to hook up a Wii to the aux via composite cable. I heard the audio fine, but the screen on the TV showed "No signal".

I tried to hook up the composite as GAME input on the back of the receiver and still "No Signal"

I then decided to access my on screen menu and ... "No Signal"

What gives? The video from the PS3 and DISH go through ok, but seems my on screen menu is gone. I still see the volume display show up on the bottom of the screen when i change the volume on the 607, but when I select SETUP on my remote, I see "No Signal" on the TV and do see the options on the LCD of the 607. Is this related why I can't see the video from the GAME input or the AUX input?

I tried all kind of combinations of turning the power on/off in different orders b/w the tv and the receiver to no avail. Am I missing something?
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