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Onkyo 705! big step up from Yamaha 863!

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Hi all, I just got a Onkyo 705 today and all I can say is WOW! I was shocked at the quality increase over my Yamaha 863.

I'm a little surprised that more folks have not mention the big difference between Onkyo and Yamaha.

I've had the 863 for close to a month and after about 1 hour with the Onkyo, the difference is clear!

The 705 has a fuller bigger sound field. With the 863 I could hear the sound from every speaker, but with the 705 there's a much better integration with the speakers, I can hear the sound but not from each speaker but rather from the area around the speaker.

The 705 feels like it has a lot more power, even thoe the 863 is rated at 105 while the 705 is rated at 100.

Also the remote is a very nice backlight type on the 705 and a very cheap no light on the 863.

The 705 switch's the HDMI without a hitch, the Yamaha always has little issue's, like if you did not have the DVD & TV first the 863 would set up the sound wrong or only transmit the red channel. The 705 does it right in any order of turn on.

Anyway I just thought I'd share my findings.
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