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Got a question for the pros here, buying something in a matter of days.

After 5-6 years of living with a Denon 2805 that has now died, I'm ready to go back to my Adcom GFA6000 amp. It's driving a pair of B&W 805 Matrix in a 5-speaker+sub setup.

I can buy a demo Integra 30.3 for $550 from a local dealer or a refurb Onkyo 709 for $419 from accessories4less.I plan to use it as a pre-pro and tuner, possibly move it in years to come to the basement system and use the amps also there.

Is the Onkyo more internet radio capable ? I read the Ethernet on the integra is for updates only. Is this something I need to consider? The Onkyo states it has internet connectivity. How is this accomplished, are they the same in this regard?

The Onkyo unit also has Audyssey MultiEQ whereas the Integra has a lesser version. Is this really a big deal? Two more HDMI inputs on the Onkyo, I don't see this being a decision maker.

I will buy with an AMEX and get a second year of warranty free on the Onkyo so the warranty difference of 1 year on the Onkyo to 3 for the Integra is narrowed.

Here's my chief concern:

Is the sound quality of the pre-pro section the same or does the Integra offer higher fidelity & better sound?

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