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Tried the Onkyo Android app the first time today as a remote for my 828, which I've been quite happy with for the few months I've had it. Once the app synced, it seemed to work well, and was useful as a volume control for zone 2 speakers. So I had the one session with it.

Trying to use it a second time, I can't get it to sync again with my phone. Phone just doesn't see it. That's annoying, but it wasn't something I was too used to having yet, so I don't miss it much.

What I miss is that now when I go to Net on the regular remote, to try to get to Pandora and all the other Internet radio options, it doesn't get there. Now, that was where I was using the Android remote. So it looks like it's "broken" the interface through the normal remote + tv monitor control of it.

Do I have to find the way to reset the whole unit to fix this?
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