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I know enough to be dangerous......would appreciate advice from this forums "experts". I'm building a new home and designing my AV system. I plan to have multiple (4) Dish TV HD receivers one (basement) of which will run through my Onkyo 876 then into a TBD 60+" HDTV via HMDI . The other three Dish TV HD receivers (upstairs) will directly connect to HDTVs via HMDI. The Onkyo 876 will be connected (daisy chained) to (2) Rotel RMB1048 (8-channel amps) via its Pre Outs. The Rotel will be connect to 8 pair of 8ohm speakers via wall volume controls. FYI....the basement will primarily be used in 7:1 surround sound. The whole house system will primarily be used for gatherings (football parties etc.)

My questions is: Do I need to be concerned about a potential delay between audio & video signals under this configuration? Will upstairs & downstairs be the same? Thoughts?

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