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I'm looking to upgrade my Onkyo 803- mostly because I need more HDMI inputs, a 3rd zone and 4ohm speaker support. Having better video processing and more power would be a nice win too.

My current setup:

- Sony 55" SXRD

- Tivo S3

- Oppo V971H DVD

- Apple TV

- XM Radio

- PS2

- Cambridge Soundworks satellite speakers & Sub

Near future:

- Axiom M80 Fronts, VP150 Center, QS8 surround, M2 rear

- Dual HSU ULS15 subs

- HTD MC2-86 6 zone controller w/ Polk RC80i

- Some Blu-Ray player

My great room is 915sqft (~10,000cuft) running at moderate to high volume levels, so I'm going to need something with a fair bit of punch.

Since my current & last receiver is an Onkyo, which I (and more importantly my wife) find easy to use and has a good sound I'm looking at the 906. Of course, Onkyo doesn't have a good history of support 4ohm speakers so people have recommended I look at Denon.

I've read a fair bit from both manuals & reviews:

906 Pro's & Con's:

- The "safe" choice since I've been happy with my past two Onkyo's

- THX Ultra2

- Supports my XM Plug & Play Radio

- Should drive the M80's just fine, but sounds like the 4ohm mode is lower power

- UI is pretty ugly, but it works just fine

- Universal remote isn't great

- Manual doesn't state if Zone2/3 supports digital sources (my 803 doesn't)

- Not a ton of HDMI ports, but enough for now

4310 Pro's & Con's:

- 2 remotes, one which is clearly nicer then the Onkyo

- PLIIz support (I can easily wire for this, but obviously this is still relatively untested. Unsure of it's real value)

- More HDMI inputs

- Definitely will drive the M80's @ 4ohm

- May need to get a new XM Radio

- More software updates (not sure how big a deal this is, I never really wished for an upgrade w/ my Onkyo's)

- Pretty UI

- Definitely will not allow digital analog sources for Zone2 & 3.

- No THX? Even my 803 has that.

I've enjoyed the THX modes of the 803 and it seems a step backwards not to have them in the 4310. People seem to be mixed about the 906's ability to drive 4ohm speakers- especially when not all the speakers are 4 ohm (such as the Axiom's). The PLIIz might be a big winner for my room since the rears are going to be about twice as far as the fronts due to the room size/layout or it might be worthless.

Am I missing anything important? Video processing sounds equivalent and both have audio leveling for TV commercials and good speaker setup routines from what I can gather.
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