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Onkyo Flagship TX-DS989- Will rival any Lexicon, Meridian, Theta, etc

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Okay guys I just liked the sound of the heading even though it is not true (Or is it? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif . However I am seriously looking at getting this amp as it has many nice features.

I have finally typed up all the brochure. The ..... repsents parts i didnt think needed explanation.


-THX Surround EX and Ultra Certification

-The Only True 7.1 Channel Receiver

-192Khz/24Bit DACs for All Channels

-RS232 Upgrade and Communications Port

-Powerful, Programmable Processor

-DTS/Dolby Digital/MPEG Onboard

-Dual 24Bit Crystal DSP Soundfield Processor

-Non Scaling Configuration

-8 Assignable Digital Inputs (5 Coxial, 3 optical) and 2 outputs

Six years ago Onkyo rocked the industry with the release of the first THX receiver, and raised the bar for surround sound excellence. Today the TX-DS989 isn't just posed to change home theatre, its here to revolutionize it. AS the first receiver to offer True 7.1 amplification, true THX Surround EX playback ability (other 5.1 receiver offer THX Surround EX but all require an additional amp) and 192kHz/24Bit DACs for all channels, the TX-DS989 is built to be the absolute ultimate-home theatre centrepiece.

To ensure its greatness over time, the TX-DS989 is the first receiver to completely incorporate fully future proof architecture. Its versatile RS-232 port and powerful 4MB Flash Memory guarantee its ability to download software for IEEE 1394 upgradbility, future formats like MPEG ACC, and virtually any other processing upgrade that may arise.

Matching its amazing power and technological prowess, the TX-DS989 also offers unprecedented sound quality. Onkyos exclusive Wide Range Amplified Technology (WRAT) ensues bandwidth over 100kHz, which is necessary for accurate reproduction of DVD-Audio and SACD. Optimum Gain Volume Circuit reduces noise and improves signal output. And audiophile-grade parts used throughout provide a seemingly unlimited amount of pure, high current, low impedance power.

Peerless its capabilities, the TX-DS989's over-the-top performance will surpass even the most discerning home theatre aficionados expectations.

http://www.onkyo.co.jp/tx-ds989/images/top_01.gif http://www.onkyo.co.jp/tx-ds989/images/top_02.gif

Amplifier Features

-130 Watts Minimum of Continuos RMS Power to each of the 7 channels into 8ohms from 20Hz to 20khz with no more than 0.05THD- clean high current amplification provides incredible dynamic range for seamless reproduction of even the most demanding cinema soundtracks, as well as animatedly rich music at any real volume.

-7.1 Channel Amplifier- the first receiver to achieve this feat in one chassis- the TX-DS989 provides unparallel power and clarity to all 7.1 channels for a room filling sound experience.


-Lucasfilm THX Ultra Certification- (Just says its passed requirements etc)


-192kHz/24Bit D/A Converters for all Channels- the first receiver in the industry to utilise these powerful converters for all 7 channels- the TX-DS989 DACs not only boast a dynamic range of 120Db they also process more information faster and are virtually resistant to clock jitter to ensure the best performance from DVD-Audio and other upcoming formats, while producing cleaner, clearer sound from DVDs and CDs



-WRAT virtually eliminates the adverse effects of counter-electromotive force by 1) applying a small amount of NFB(neagtive force feedback), 2) using carefully selected, high tolerance, wide-range parts in all critical secrtions, 3) incorporating innovative circuit topology based upon deacades of high-end amplifier-design experience-the final result is a flat response beyond 100Kh, making the TX-DS989 ideal for such high-resolutuions formats as DVD-Audio and Super Audio-CD, and other upcoming digital formats.

-Optimum Gain Volume Circuitry- to produce volume at low levels conventional amplifiers must drop a signal close to the noise floor, permanently tainting it with a small amount of noise-when amplified, not only the signal, but also its newly attained noise are magnified- Onkyos Optimum Gain Volume Circuitry on the other hand adjusts the gain s that less than half the amount of attenuation is needed, ensuring the signal never comes close to the noise floor, thus avoiding noise contamination, an producing dramatically clearer, crisper sound.

-Extended Frequency Response 5khz to 100khz well beyond the 20hz to 20khz range of the CD Format and human hearing itself, this uncommon capability enables rathe receiver to reproduce audible frequencies more accurately, with less distortion, and ensures optimum playback of high result ion sources.

-Full Bandwidth to all 7 Channels ensures music on high-resoultion formats like DVD-Audio will be delviered in all its potential fidelity, and keeps high-frequency cinema sound effects from cutting off or blurring.

-High Current Low Impedance 6 Ohm Drive to accurately reproduce todays more demanding program sources, and drive higher quality, low-impedance home theater speaker systems.

-Oversized Custom Built ATR Capacitors to store huge reserves of electrical current, guaranteeing the TX-DS989 will never come up short on power.

-"Fine Gold" Electrolytic Coupling Capacitors, made with the finest materials available for audio capacitors, are employed throughout the TX-DS989 for their superb sonic qualities- they meet the most exacting audio-specification and provide extreme low dielectric losses, with measured ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) values that are 5 to 10 times lower than conventional designs.

-Fully Discrete Output Stages for all 7 channels to ensure that no channel information is compromise, and to handle the wide dynamics of movie soundtracks and music cleanly and effortlessly, while keeping the sound from distorting, even at high volume.

-Dual Banana Plug Compatible Terminals for all 7 channels permit the use of heavy-guage speaker cable all around for more speaker options and distortion free transfer.

-High Quality Aluminium Extruded Heat Sinks- not the flimsy, inexpensive corrugated foil type found in many receivers-to protect against signal loss and ensure longevity.

-Massive Tordial Power Transformer thickly shielded to contain magnetic flux, firmly anchored in its casing witha special anti-resonant sealant, and acclaimed for its effeciency, the transformer eliminates power-supply noise, and reduces unecessary power intake and heat.

-Extremely Thick Bus Bars and Ground Plate to deminish fluctuations in the electrical potential and eliminate ground hum, for more efficent power distribution, reduced noise, and crisper sound.

-Separate Standby and Power Switches so the receiver is always ready to respond to remote control comands, or be turned off when away for an extended period of time.

-Super Silent Auto Switched 2 Speed Cooling fan- activates only under extended, extreme output and/or high temperature condition.

-Auto Protective Circuitry to ensure long-lasting reliability and comprhensive protection of sensentive components.

Flexibility Features

-Future Proof interface Architecture- a versatile RS232 port allows the TX-DS989s powerful 4mb flash memory to be directly computer accessed for installing such future upgrades as new DSP algorithms, new surround formats/parameters, and other types of processing updates.

-RS232 Control Port= the TXDS989s window for both software upgrades and complete integrations with home media control systems like Panja, (Amx/Phast), Creston and others,.

-Zone 2 Multiroom/Multisource Capability- a full set of line outs for audio, composite video, and SVideo, allows for setup of an additional system in another room-connect an optional infared eye in Zone 2, and complete second room control can be acheived with such A/V distribution systems as Xantech, Niles, Russound, and Sonnance to name a few.

-IEEE 1394 Upgradeable- for convienent universal digital connection, and high speed, single cable interface directly with practically any computer or peripheral application.

-Listening Mode Input Memory- remembers the last listening mode assigned to a source- DTS DVD, for example, or stereo for CD, and automatically selects the listening mode again when a CD or DVD is played.

Audio/Video Features

-THX Surround EX Built in.........

-DTS Decoder built in.........

-DD Decoder Built in........

-Dolby Prologic Decoder Built in.......

-MPEG Decoding........

-Digital Upsampling mode- (on/off)- the first receiver to have 192khz/24bit DACS for all 7 channels enables the TX-DS989 to take a 48khz digital signal and double its sampling frequency to 96khz-twice as much signal information., for greater detail and clarity.

-A/V Sync Delay- most DVDs and other movies sources were originally mixed for large theatres, where sound must travel further to reach the viewer than it does in the home- applied in a smaller setting, one may often hear the action before seeing it, or lips may be put out of sync with the dialogue- the effect is similar to watching poorly dubbed movie-Onkyo's A/V Sync allows for adjustment of the audio/video parameter (in 0.5ms steps) for perfect simultaneous playback of sound and image.

-Non-Scaling Configuration- unlike conventional receivers that must "scale" the LFE signal in the absence of a subwoofer which narrows dynamic range and distorts the sound, the TX-DS989s DAC layout has been designed to convert all channels to analogue before the LFE channel is mixed with the left and right channel- the result is true full bit conversion of the LFE signal with no reduction in fidelity-especially advantageous for those who have invested in high frequency response L/R speakers.

-Lucasfilm THX Ultra Full Enhancement Package.......

-50 DSP Soundmodes- to transform home theatres into practically any venue

-Theatre Dimensional Virtual Surround Mode- to transform two speakers into a complete virtual surround sound system.

-Mono Movie Mode- sends the original monophonic and a digitally reprocessed signal to all speakers for greater spaciousness and size.

-Academy Filter- (on/off) reduces hiss and other unwanted background noise from older monaural movies for more discernable dialogue and improved sound quality.

-All Channel Stereo- great for parties and background music- fills the entire room.

-HD DSP (High Definition) - uses start of the art Onkyo developed algorithms and architecture powered by advanced dual crystal 24bits ICs, t provide the sophisticated digital soundfields- the benefit is unmatched clarity, dynamic, precision and depth and more controls over factors exclusive to home theatres, such as room size, ambience, equalization and time delay.

-Surround Speaker Selection Mode to choose which surround speakers to use during 5.1 playback- for example use the sides for for cinema and rears for music.............

-Front Effect Function- to keep DSP reverberations from being applied to the front channels, so live r3ecordings that already contain reverberations will not lose their presence.

-Late Night Mode (High, low, off)- adjusts the dynamic range by making thunderous explosions more neighbourhood friendly, and boosting hard to hear whispered dialogue

-Onscreen Graphical Display- for simple setup and simplified daily use-the onscreen display sports 7 different colours settings, a convienet Superimpose mode to easily see the onscreen display over a TV picture, the ability to move the display to different positions on the screen, and an immediate (on/off)that shows operations for three seconds every time settings are changed. (European/Asian models are NTSC/PAL compatible)

-Extensive Bass Management Circuitry- provides for the correct hookup and adjustment of a subwoofer- supplies an 80hz 24 dp per octave low-pass crossover filter on the line level subwoofer output, as well as 80hz 12db per octave high pass filtering on speaker outputs.

-Adjustable Reflect and Reverb Level & Room Size to customize the spacious of the surround effects, to match room size and the sonic characteristics of the audio program.

-Automatic Signal Detection to detect the input signal format (THX Surround EX, Dolby Digital, DTS, PCM) and execute the necessary decoding process.

-7.1 Channel External Inputs- to connect an additional external 7.1 channel or 5.1 channel decoder, for DVD-Audio or other future formats (high-quality 7.1 cannel DB-25 connector cable included)

-Selectable Character Display Input of up to 8 characters to write a descriptive input for each input source

-Line Level Outputs for All 7.1 Channels gives you the option of upgrading the power of all channels via an external amplifier

-Pre Amp In/Out Jacks with Loop Back- to connect an equalizer and adjust the frequency response, for the most satisfying reproduction from any source, in any type of room.

-9 Digital Inputs (5 Coaxial, 3 optical, 1 AC-RF).............

-2 Digital Outputs (1 coaxial and 1 optical).........

-HDTV Ready- the TX0DS989s has all the necessary circuitry, bandwidth and inputs/outputs for HDTV, for easy and immediate HDTV enjoyment.

-Professional Grade Maxim video Switching Amp- unlike competitors, which don't even go up to 30mhz, the TX-DS989s is capable of transferring component video signals at 40mhz (-3db), ensuring its readiness for HDTV and other systems capable of high grade wide bandwidth picture output.

-3 Compete Sets of Component Video Input Terminals for the highest quality, unaltered, wide bandwidth video-signal transfer from a DVD player, DSS, HDTV set top boxes, DTV decoders, or digital VCRs.

-Component Video Outputs for the highest quality, unaltered, wide bandwidth video-signal transfer to a HDTV, or an additional monitor, projector.

-6 SVideo Inputs............

-5 SVideo Outputs...........

-2 SVideo Monitor Outputs..........

-6 A/V Inputs.............

-4 Audio Inputs..........

-2 Dedicated Line Level Subwoofer Pre Outs to connect 2 subwoofers, and provide greater low-frequency impact to more spacious rooms.

-Phono Input- a must for vinyl lovers and a feature many manufacturers leave off.

-Full Tape and VCR Input/Output Loops to eliminate the hassle of hooking and unhooking cables between components, and make video-to-video and tape-to-tape copying monitorable and easy.

-Parameter Selector and Lock to customise the spaciousness of the surround effects to the dynamics of the room and the sonic charactersitcs of the audio porgram-the parameter settings can be locked so that even if they are changed during normal use, simply turning the power off and then on again will reset the TX-DS989 to its original programmed settings.

-Rec out Selector (sound & picture) to dub audio sources on video tapes (background music, for example), or for recording while listening to or watching different sources, or for similicast viewing/listening.


FM/AM Tuner Features

-Outstanding Selectivity and Sensitivity- rare today when most manufacturers view tuners as little more than an afterthought.

-40 AM/FM Random Presets- especially convienent if there are many radio stations in the area- a number can be assigned to each favourite FM and AM station, then accessed simply at the touch of a button.

-FM Auto Tuning to make finding FM stations in the area a breeze.

-RDS (European Models Only) for additional broadcast information via the front-panel display.

-FM/Cable TV Simulcast Recording/Playback to combine the higher sound quality from similataneous Satellite and Cable stereo broadcast with the picture, without the need for re-wiring or arcane adjustments.

-75 Ohm Antenna Input to easily connect an outdoor antenna for clearer FM reception.

-Supplied AM and FM Antennas- loop antenna for AM and T-shaped FM wire antenna for optimum radio reception and hook up.

Other Features You'll Enjoy

-Intellivolume- an intelligent Onyko calibration system to make level corrections for each source input in advance, in the range of +/-12db in 1db steps eliminates the need to adjust the volume every time the user switch from DVDs to CDs or from videotapes to TV for example.

-Precision Digital Speed Sensitive Volume Control-adjustment in precise steps-turning the knob faster causes the setting to jump increments more quickly, plus eliminate worry of having the volume set to high when the power is turned on, even if the voulume knob was turned while the power was off.

-Absolute/Relative Switchable Volume Display- Absoulete provides the output level on a scale of Min(0:no sound) to Max(100: extrmely loud), and relative provides the output on a scale which is measured in plus or minus, relative to the calibrated reference volume.

-Separate PC (Printed Circuitry) Boards- one for audio sources and one for video sources- keeps the audio and video paths completely separate, ensuring pristine sound and high resolution image purity.

-Headphone jack (standard size) for private listening-automatically cuts off sound to the speakers when used.

-Large, Bright, Fluorescent, 35 Dot Matrix Display- logically laid out for ease of use, and brighly lit to make checking the system status from the favorite listening spot, or a darkened home theater effortless and simple.

-4 Mode Dimmer (bright, normal, low, off) to match the ambience of any room lighting situation for maximum home theater enjoyment- front panel and remote operation.

-Audio Mute (remote) instantly switches off the sound- conveinent when receiving phone calls, or for recording without listening.

-Sleep Timer (remote) to set the system to shut down autmatically after 90 minutes in advance (10min steps)

-Battery Free Memory Backup protects memory contents during a power outage or if the unit is temporarily unplugged.

-Detachable Heavy Duty Power Cord built to handle the heavy power loads tat big home theatres demand, but also detach to affix and power cord of choice.

-2 Switched AC Convenience Outlets with a total 120 watts max (100 watts for Eurpean/Asian models) to easily plug in other components.

-Large Non Resonant Feet with unique star configuration and thick rubber pads to prevent subtle outside vibrations from reaching the signal.

-Heavy Gauge, Anti-Resonant, Reinforced Steel Chassis with ribbed side panels for greater strength and maximum vibration damping http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif charactersitcs-helps maintain signal purity.

-Vibration Resistant Cover made of heavily slotted sheet metal to faciliate heat dissipation- also designed to supress external resonance and minimise vibration.

-Motorised Control Door (Cool if it is motorised http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif )

Slides down to fit in cabinets and tight custom installations and hides the lesser-used buttons- when shut, it keeps the front panel sleek and uncluttered.


-Brushed Aluminium Front Panel made from a thick sheet of aircraft grade alumimum- scratch resistant, easy to clean, provides long term elegance, and enhances overall chassis rigidity.

-Powerful Backlit Learning Remote Control with Macro Functions and LCD Display- Up to 16 operations per 1 button etc etc etc..............


Wooooohoooo thatfs it the whole brochure

(Update March 19th)



Amplifier Section

Power Output

North American Model at 8ohms 130 Watts

at 6 ohms 170 watts

European Model at 6 ohms 160 watts

Asian Model at 6 ohms 200watts

Dynamic Power

3 ohms 2x300W/Ch

4 ohms 2x230W/Ch

8ohms 2x150W/Ch

Total Harmonic Distortion 0.05% at 1W

Frequency Response 5Hz-100Khz +1Db -3Db


Dimensions 435x196x451 mm

17-1/8" x 7-11/16" x 17-3/4"

Weight 22kg (Or 1kg less than my Yamaha DSP-A1)


Arrival Date- Australia 1st week of April or thereabouts.

- US the same time.

Price- Australia $6499-$5999 (Different People say different things)
Power Buy For Australians- Contact me if you are interested.

Email- [email protected]

Power Buy for Americans- Contact Chris A if you are interested

Email- [email protected]

US ($3200-$2200US should have confirmation shortly.

News from Japan - 21st March 2000


Thank you for your Email.

As for DTS-ES,you can play by setting THX surround EX mode.In THX surround

EX mode,DTS-ES disc is also decoded.

Thank you and best regards.


Toru Sakuma (²‹vÅ*Ô@‹œ)

Consumer Electronics Division



News from the US- 21st March 2000


The Onkyo has 7.1 inputs). There should be a number of firmware updates that can be uploaded into the processor.

The only literature out in the field that you may have seen is labeled preliminary and confidential, be advised that such information may change quite a bit before a product is released. No final information will be made public the

press or general public until the beginning of April.

We are confident that everyone will appreciate it's true future readiness and our embracing of THX technology to the fullest extent.


New from the US- 22nd March 2000 in Reagrds for RRP Price


Retail pricing will not be available to the public until the end of this month

or the beginning of next month. Sorry to be so vague, but pricing is not carved

in stone yet. Be wary of information gathered from the field (retailers), as

they are also specultaing based on bits and pieces of data. You will find the

product and pricing to be worth the wait, I am sure.




Oh and some possibly bad news "North American Models avilable in black only" http://www.audio.com.hk/equipment/images/tx-ds989.gif

Even though the rest of my gear is black i wouldnt mind it in Gold http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


For those interested here is the Integra Onkyo. Looks Brilliant, but then again for double the price of the TX-DS989 so it should.

The Competition

-Yamaha RX-V1 (Missing many of the features of the Onkyo)


-Denon AVR-5800- THX Ultra-certified A/V receiver features Dolby Digital and DTS decoding with THX 4.0 and 5.1 post-processing. Lucasfilm THX Ultra Surround EX decoding for program sources that feature 3 encoded surround channels (surround left, center back, surround right). Component video switching. 7.1 channel external input for future multi-channel audio format(s), along with 7.1 channel pre-amp outputs. Five 140 watt THX Ultra-certified on-board power amplifiers. LCD touchscreen RF & IR remote control.

(Again missing many features of the Onkyo- 192Khz DAC's, need an extra amp for the rear EX speakers as the above on says 5*140 Watts. Though I think that is a mistake as Im sure it would have them like the AVR-5700 does.)


-Marantz SR-14EX- Continuing on the tradition of the SR-18, the SR-14EX will include THX Surround EX compatibility for playback of Dolby Digital Surround-EX encoded DVDs. "EX" offers a center rear channel, providing a more seamless 360 degree sound stage. The SR-14EX will offer high-power output on all six amplified channels, 96/24 audio capability. The receiver will ship with the popular RC5000 remote control. Further specifications and pricing will be available closer to its expected availability date of June 2000.

(Again you can see some of the things missing that the Onkyo has)

So in my own Opinion this early on I think the Onkyo is the Winner. That is of course until we listen to the unit itself. Sheese and I have never owned an Onkyo product before in my life. Well there is a first time for everything http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Update 31st March 2000

Here it is. A World Exclusive http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif The offical 24 page brochure on the TX-DS989 from Onkyo Japan in all its glory and information is now up for downloading. For all the details checkout my news page- http://www.chariot.net.au/~spizz/News.htm

Spero D.

Spero D.

Email- [email protected]

My Home Theater Site


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sounds great- how much?

regarding "Will rival any Lexicon, Meridian, Theta, etc" well, they all say that http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

- Jerry
Supposedly $2,800 US RRP (not 'Integra' supposedly) and $2,000 street.

An astronomical $6,499 AUD!

Ya know my car is not much more than this...

As much as I like Onkyo, I'd have great difficulty moving from separates back to a receiver no matter how good.

Is this enough to make the DSP-A1 owning fools to drop a bundle? And the incredible price is going to make me look to overseas sources.

USD$2,000 =/ AUD$6,500

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Can you provide us with some more DETAIL about this unit? Just teasing......it sounds like a great unit. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
Hi Tony. Some good news for you. Being one of those "DSP-A1 owning fools" as you so kindly word, I just got a new confirmed price on the TX-DS989. $5999 Australia or if i pay cash around $5399. So I will most probably upgrade to it after 1) I have heard the unit and 2) confirm it does DTS-ES.

Though the Digital Upsampling mode which is usually only available on $10000 Australian Meridian gear makes this receiver worth it.

Spero D.

[This message has been edited by Spizz (edited March 16, 2000).]

Please clarify.

This unit will allow the use of a 7 channel equalizer? It actually has pre-amp out and ins that can be used at the same time?

The Denon AVR-5700 did not support the use of an THX EQ, so I sold it and just acquired a Lexicon DC-1 Rev 4.0 with DTS and EX. Are you saying this unit will do what the Lex does and then some?


Best Regards,


"Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try." - Jedi Master Yoda

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Hi Darryl it does have preout and in jacks. And all the info i have is as typed below so make of it what you will. I presume though the answer to your questions is yes and I also heard street price on this unit in US will be $1999. One great price

Spero D.

-Line Level Outputs for All 7.1 Channels gives you the option of upgrading the power of all channels via an external amplifier

-Pre Amp In/Out Jacks with Loop Back- to connect an equalizer and adjust the frequency response, for the most satisfying reproduction from any source, in any type of room.

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End of April beggining of May. Onkyo is looking at having this unit out at $2299 which will take a big percentage of the high end receiver market. Im definetly getting this unit now that i have confirmed it does do DTS-ES and also has the motorised front panel like the Sony 7700 DVD Player http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif Of course it may help to listed to it to http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Thanks Spizz...Makes me wonder if I should move the Lex DC-1 (V4.0 DTS/EX) and Marantz Amps that just arrived. No need for separates if this baby can do what it claims...

One caveat though, reliability. I've been told that the 838s had some real problems with reliability, and I don't know much about Onkyo's recent track record in this regard. I used to be a big Onkyo fan in the early 80's, but can't speak intelligently about their goods as of late.

Any comments?


Best Regards,


"Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try." - Jedi Master Yoda

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Hi mate. Im in the same boat as you. Have never owned a Onkyo. Have never heard one. (Well actualy heard my first last week though it was a low end model) So i to am interested to see how it goes. However thwe main reason i took interest in this model is that I have been looking since I first got my DSP-A1 2 years ago for something to replace it with that had everything. Well after having seen the AVR-5700 and Yamaha RX-V1, and having seen info on the new Denon AVR-5800 the Onkyo is the only model that has ever thing I want in it finally. Even THX which Yamaha wouldnt touch.

So I will be selling my Yamaha end of this month before the RX-V1 is rls here and I lose even more money on this unit in anticipation for the Onkyo which Im told is arriving here in Australia in late April. (I just hope it lives up to expectations and there is a press release made on the USA/Europe sites confirming all the details I have posted from the Prelinary Spec Sheet.
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Oh screw you guys - now you got me interested.

I have an old Onkyo 747 ac3 receiver. There were/are some quality problems that afflict late model Onkyo's that are made in the Far East (ie. not Japan)

I've also used a 656,676,777,828THX,838,919 and the 939. In fact I've listened and heard most of the late model, higher end Onkyo's since the introduction of ac3.

The only problem I found on the 939 was a very sensitive and sometimes jumpy volume control. All Onkyo's seem to have this. Even the Japanese ones.

No matter how good these manufacturers say that their Korean, Malaysian, Thailand or Swaziland factories are I don't believe 'em.

I have a Japanese made Sony 9000es and Marantz SR-96THX and basically the build quality is peerless. Cannot complain about one single thing. THERE IS NOT ONE BUILD QUALITY ISSUE on either of these two. What can I say but flagship products tend to be built to a different standard. I wish I could say the same for Onkyo equipment.

I'd expect that bottom bucket Sonys, Pioneers, Technics and other swill are even worse but I don't care - I'm not their target buyer.

If I pick up a 989 and it would probably be from overseas since I can't see myself spending $4,000 or even $3,000 on a receiver I would be running a magnifying glass over it. And testing every socket for fit and working status.

I'd expect that this receiver is made in Japan but even so, I'll be shaking it down in the first week.

I'll be listening to it long and hard in the Australian stores first. If it has all the features I want and it's built like a tank and I can find a good price (possibly overseas) - yeah why not?

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Some possibly sad news for you US guys it says "North American models avilable in black only"

I really want that gold one even though it wont match the rest of my gear

Also added some more info to all the section which I had left as............. So read again for more details.

No I dont work for Onkyo but want something that will finally replace my DSP-A1 and here it is. However Im amazed you said you have heard the unit when it hasnt even been released yet.
I think he means the 939. In any case I don't doubt that the 989 will sound inferior on music CD's compared to simple, two-channel audiophile equipment; no matter how much upsampling occurs.

I'm sure the 989 will be a very fine sounding receiver nonetheless, satisfying even fussy customers like me.

Btw. No-one does any advertising for Onkyo in Australia. Only Yamaha advertise to any degree that I've seen.

Update top post towards the bottom with emails I have received from Onkyo Japan/USA
Enthusiasm for the latest cool thing is nice. Let's wait until someone who has a Lex DC-2 or MC-1 compares the 7 channel sounds and compares the 7 channel sounds with other than EX source material. When someone with a Lex or a Meriden testifeis that a two channel CD or a 5.1 track on this new box blows away the incumbents, we should be impressed. Until this happens, lets remember that marketing folks at Onkyo have written all of the stuff that we know about the box.


Just a question for the 939 owners. Is there a light inside of that flip down panel on the front?

Also here some more info I got-

-Dual 24Bit Crystal DSP Soundfield Processor

-Non Scaling Configuration

-8 Assignable Digital Inputs (5 Coxial, 3 optical) and 2 outputs
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"Just a question for the 939 owners. Is there a light inside of that flip down panel on the front?"

Yes, the 939 did have a light inside.
Just got an email back from Japan. No light in there on this model as they couldnt fit anything else in this unit http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
Ok - another dumb question.

If the front door panel is fully motorised - is there a button on the remote that opens this door? And for what purpose? You still have to get off your *** and walk up to the receiver to operated the buttons behind that panel.

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