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Onkyo HT-R290...Repair Help, Advice on Service etc.

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Have a Onkyo HT-R290 that a friend basically gave me as he had issues with it and has since purchased another unit. He said he was watching a movie on it and it just went off.

To my knowledge, he never pursued a repair or a service inquiry of any kind.

The unit is cosmetically clean but upon power up the "Check Speaker Wire Setup" very briefly (I mean briefly appears) and then immediately clears its screen.
You here the relay kick and then kick off. So am guessing the screen display is brief due to it powering down due to a failure internally some place.

I would also like to add I do not have any speakers of any kind hooked up to it so the "Check Speak Wire Setup" Message makes some sense.

I have removed the cover, I do have electrical experience during my under-grad/graduate studies in computer science. I ended up removing some very light dust and did check the three fuses for continuity. All fuses were good.

So I am looking at options to get this thing working; (I See there are refurbished and new units with speakers for around $250)

1) Does anyone have or know where to get a service manual for this unit?
2) Any ideas what may have failed or some trouble shooting steps (I tried the Clear setting process outlined on Onkyo)
3) Has anyone dealt with Onkyo service...Is this maybe something they could fix reasonably? (Turn around time is not of high importance)
4) Is there a parts supply house used/new that could have the parts/boards required?

Thanks for the help,
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There is a sticky thread at the top of this forum about Onkyo extending the warranty service for certain models. I used that for an RT model late last year and was pleasantly surprised at 1) the model was accepted for repair, 2) Onkyo paid for shipping to and from their repair center, and 3) the service turnaround was under 2 weeks.

Check your serial number against their warranty service and see if you qualify.

If not, I do not believe it would pay to have someone else work in it. Onkyo might be able to help you locate a service manual.
You can get a Onkyo 626 (last year's model) for around $300 or less that would be at least as good or better than the model you have now.

Good Luck.
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Yep tried the stickey but I upon entry of the serial I get either a invalid serial or this unit does not need the upgrade. The Invalid is the fact that I added the last letter in the serial. (17 chars)

So looks like I am looking for a service manual/other options...
The Onkyo service manuals I have seen do not give much in way of steps to figure out what exactly is wrong..basically just a schematic and how to reset the user entries/setup...but even a schematic will be a good starting point.

From quick look and memory it looks like the relay in the power supply must be controlled thru the hdmi board. Looks like everything has a connection thru that board.

I will have to get some paper and pencil out and start laying the circuit out once I get a schematic...maybe I can figure a way to start eliminating possible issues.

On the flip side of this I called Onkyo Support and was told the unit is about 3-5 years old and parts/service manual can be obtained by way of service department. Also there is a local parts distributor less than 10 miles away which I have done business with before...basically parts should be readily available but probably pricey but local...keep in mind I have nothing cost wise in this unit.

Also upon speaking to the support center I asked if there was a upgrade or replacement purchase discount for existing owners of a Onkyo system and I was told yes but will have to discuss cost, available units etc with the service department.

Unfortunately the Service/parts departments are both closed till Monday.

So I guess I can still try and search out a service manual till Monday....Anyone know of a source?

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Did the call to the Onkyo Service and Parts today at 12:30p.

The wait time exceeded 15 minutes (I waited 15 minutes) so I finally selected * to have them call me back once my position in line has reached.

This call ended approximately at 12:48p (after leaving name number etc).... its about 6:30p and still no call back glad I did not wait....

I have located a few sources of the service manual online....The local parts supplier does not maintain a copy of the manual and with Onkyo being busy probably may be my best option if I repair things which at this point the call back from Onkyo will 100%....

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