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Help me find a decent subwoofer for around $300 for Polk RM 87 7 Speakers and Onkyo HT-RC 180

I am a newbie as compared to others on this forum , had an old Denon AVR 1507 with 5.1 Polk RM6 system , Oppo DVH 980 and am upgrading to following

Onkyo HT-RC 180 --> 621 shipped from 6th AVE just bought

I already own a Sony SXRD 50' Rear Projection

and PS3 for all the Bluray and Gaming ( not much of a gamer other than COD)

Western Digital My Book World Edition 1TB NAS which holds all the content and is DLNA enabled and so is my PS3 and the HT-RC 180 so no more starting the TV to see what is being played .. and am one of those who think technologies like DLNA are going to be de facto pretty soon

I am more of a Classical ( Indian Classical with lots of Base and Percussion) and Movies guy but do listen to Jazz, Hip-Hop, Classic rock, Down Tempo, Psychedelic rock etc

Its mainly going to be 50% Music and 50% Movies . I have a room of 20 /25 ft , live in a apartment. I usually don't play music or movies very loud. But i really like all the sounds coming out at low decibel levels

Any suggestions? I was looking at the following, I can go up to 400$ but not above that because it does not make sense if all other components are not matching up in my midrange set up

Onkyo RC 180 specs say the following

Dynamic power - 300W (3 Ohms) ,200 W( 4 Ohms ),150 W (8 ohms)

Polk RM 87 7 Speakers with out sub --> 437 at Fry's Thinking about picking these up

Should i stick to Polk in Sub division too or look at these

. STF-1 Subwoofer

. Bic Acoustech H100

. Velodyne , SVS kinda out of budget ,

Any help in this area is highly appreciated as the little woman is tired of my researching and reading up on the forums for a perfect sub 1000$ system (I will be crossing 1000 $ mark soon with this sub …)
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