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I received my new mac mini with the ATI Radeon video card yesterday and set it up. I have come across an issue that is somewhat driving me a little crazy.

Originally I connected the Mac Mini via HDMI to the TV directly. I didn't know, but unfortunately, I have the first gen slim TV from Samsung that doesn't have 3d/HDMI 1.4 so I do not have the ARC function. So i decided to connect the Mac Mini directly to my Onkyo Receiver. Once connected to the receiver I noticed that the image quality had definitely degraded. I reconnected it to the TV and it is without a doubt smoother and cleaner connected directly to the TV. I looked through the settings on the onkyo and couldn't find any settings that fixed it. I am now beginning to wonder if this is also the case with all my other inputs connected to the onkyo.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of what I could try?
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