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Currently I have my Sony Viao (Win 7 OS) connected to my Onkyo 160 via HDMI - From laptop to receiver, from receiver to Panasonic Viera 42" Plasma TV. I utilize my laptop for everything on the TV (don't have cable, only Cox internet).

When I adjust the resolution on the laptop to 1920x1080 for the Display: HT-RC160, within Windows, I get a warning that "this is not the optimal resolution for this screen, 1280x720 is recommended." I know that both are 1080 capable and was hoping someone might have a fix for this. I leave the resolution at 1080, but constantly get this warning...and the resolution of text on the screen is a bit distorted. Adjusting text size doesn't help.

There is also "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator for Mobile" running in my system tray. I have the settings at: Resolution - 1920x1080, Color Depth - 32 Bit, Refresh Rate - 60 Hz. BUT, within the" Options and Support /Information Center", selecting "Digital Television HT-RC160" from the top combo box, at the bottom of this screen in "Supported Modes" I only see 1280x720 (60 Hz) and 1920x540 (60 Hz).

At one point I changed the resolution to the recommended 1280x720 and just dealt with the large text on the screen. Suddenly, one day, the warning appeared again saying "the optimal resolution for this screen is 1920x1080..." WTF? So, I changed it to 1080 and things looked good. After a day or two, it was back to the old warning...."optimal resolution is 1280x720...blah blah..." Ugh!

Is there something wrong I'm just not seeing? I've looked through all the setup and manuals and see nothing about this....HELP!

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