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Just recently purchased and have set up the Front/Center/Sub-Woofer speakers. Waiting from my Rocketfish wireless before setting up the rear surround speakers.

So far the system is sounding good.

Now I am up to the part of calibrating the Receiver/speakers using the Setup menu:

1. HDMI input

2. Component

3. DIgital AUdio

4. Sp Config

5. SP Distance

6. Level Cal

7. Audio Adjust

8. Name Edit

9. Hardware

10. HDMI Setup

However when I access the Set up menu it skips from Item 3 right to Item 7

Why can't I access items 4,5,6, is it because my rear speakers aren't attached yet or is it due to another reason?

Thank you

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Hook up the rear speakers and you will be able to adjust those settings
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