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I'm looking for info/reviews on the Onkyo HT-S4100. I am adding 5.1 audio to my bedroom for TV/DVD, but don't want to spend a ton. I was originally looking at the HT-SR700, which seems to be a pretty darn good little system for the money, but I like the black glossy speakers of the 4100, since my new Sony 40" LCD has some gloss.

Both systems use the same receiver but the speakers are different. The 4100 has a powered 8" 200W sub whereas the SR700 has a 10" 230W sub. I don't think the 2" - 30W difference will really make a difference in my bedroom, but I'm wondering about the other speakers.

Does anyone here have the HT-S4100? If so, what are your opinions of this system?
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