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Hey guys,

I have just setup a Onkyo HT-S5300 7.1 HTIB sound system. It sounds great and the physical setup was smooth and succesfull.

What I need help with is calibrating it. Things in the onscreen display I don't understand. Like Audyssey, and speaker output (+/- dB per channel) etc. Also things like getting the most out of 5.1 audio on blu-rays not just the 7.1 which the system is designed for.

Things I do understand is distance to speaker settings, that was easy. Pull out a tape measure and put in the distance on the setting screen. But as for the rest, like power output per channel. Setting the system to output 5.1 rear audio out of the real speakers instead of the middle ones I do not understand.

If anyone who knows this system can tell me some setting ideas (Im sure nobody can tell me exact settings as im sure it is variable to the environment it is being used in) or can direct me to a guide which explains each settng with a little more detail I would hugely appreciate it. I just fear that I am not getting the most out of my system and calibration costs here are like 200 bucks which I REALLY want to avoid shelling out.

Thanks in advance!
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