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I just recently purchased the ONKYO HT-S6100. I just hooked it up today and watch Wall E on Blu-ray... AMAZING!!!

Anyways to the real issue at hand here...

I own an Xbox 360 and it doesn't have HDMI (wish it did), so I am using Component video cables and the RED/WHITE audio cables into the receiver.

I have my HDMI set to AUTO if this help for diagnosing my problem.

I have hooked the 360 to the CBL/SAT and changed the INPUT to IN 1 and IN 2 with no luck of getting any video on the screen.

I have hooked the 360 to the DVD and changed the INPUT to IN 1 and IN 2. I get audio because the audio cables are hooked up to the DVD RED/WHITE inputs, but I am still not getting video.

Oh and for both I have left the INPUT selector at ....

I have read through a thread on here, but didn't find my answer. What is going on here and how can I solve my issue.

And if this is the wrong part of the forum for this, please move it to the proper part of the forum.

Thank you
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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