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Onkyo HTR 540 , no SD audio thru Optical

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Hi I just bought this Onkyo HTR - 540 receiver as part of S 790 combo last week.

I have optical out from my Visio 42" LCD to R optical in (#3).

I get surround sound in DD 5.1 OK for HD channels but no sound heard for analog (SD) channels.

I thought at least the SD channel audio in stereo mode would come thru.

Given, I'm newbie to R 540 , I changed listening modes, nothing helped.

So, is optical connection cannot carry even stereo sound from TV to receiver ?

Or, I am doing something wrong.

I dont have a STB , I have comcast cable and my Vizio has QAM tuner so I hook up the cable straight to TV.

all suggestions welcome
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Connect some analog stereo cables from the Vizio to your Onkyo on the same input as the optical cable and see what happens. It might be that analog channels are not carried over the optical output on the TV.

I don't think it has anything to do with the receiver, its probably the TV.
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